Buds Woodworking Page

Some of my latest woodworking projects are listed below

Oak Coffee Table Oak End Table Oak Sofa Table

          Coffee Table                                                                  End Table                                            Sofa Table


                               Table and Chairs for the Grandkids                                                                                         Stools for the Grandkids


                           Rana's Toy Box                                                                                                Rana's Toy Box - Other view



                                 Diamond Pattern Bowl                                                                      Walnut, Bloodwood & Maple Segmented Bowl


                   Birdseye Maple, Yellow Heart & Honduran Rosewood                                                          Purple Heart Bowl


Zigzag Bowl

                     Maple, Walnut & Ebony                                                                                  Walnut, Maple & Bloodwood Segmented Bowl

                                Rana's Doll House                                                                                     Star Pattern Bowl, Birds Eye Maple & Bloodwood

Megan's Night Stand

Polychromatic Bowl

                       Black Limba and Ebony Segmented Bowl                                                                       Black Limba and Ebony

                           Tear Drop Bowl                                                                                                                 Star Bottom Bowl







                              Canarywood, Honduras Rosewood & Bloodwood                                           Zebra Wood, Curly Maple & Ebony      


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